15 Spreads People Around the World Put on Toast from 15 Spreads People Around the World Put on Toast (Slideshow)

15 Spreads People Around the World Put on Toast (Slideshow)

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15 Spreads People Around the World Put on Toast

A piece of toast isn’t much without something spread on top. The most classic toast-and-spread combination is buttered toast, but cultures around the world each have their own favorite spread


Butter and Sugar (Butter Toast) — India

In India, a blend of butter and sugar is spread on toast.

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Cheese with Jam — Germany

Germans enjoy a snack of cheese with jam on toast.


Nutella — Italy

Nutella (chocolate–hazelnut paste) is generously spread on toast in Italy, where the spread originated.


Vegemite, Avocado — Australia, New Zealand

Australians and New Zealanders love their iconic Vegemite (a meaty-tasting paste based on yeast extract) on toast as well as mashed “avo” on toast.


Condensed Milk and Butter — Asia

In many Asian countries, toast is eaten with butter and a bit of condensed milk for creaminess.


Tomato Sauce (Pan con Tomate) — Spain

Spanish toast, called pan con tomate, is topped with olive oil and the juice of fresh tomatoes.

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Tzatziki — Greece

Instead of sliced bread, the Greeks toast pita bread, which they dip in tzatziki sauce.

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Cheese, Beans, Marmite — United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, traditional spreads on toast are cheese (in the form of Welsh rarebit), beans, or Marmite (the British equivalent of Vegemite).


Sprinkles — Netherlands

Sprinkles on buttered bread is the Dutch way to eat toast.


Dulce de Leche — Argentina

Breakfast is a sweet affair in Argentina, where dulce de leche (caramelized sweetened milk) on toast is a classic breakfast treat.



Prawns (Toast Skagen) — Sweden

Toast Skagen — what the Swedish call shrimp on toast — is typically served as an appetizer at dinner parties.

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Mushrooms and Cheese — Poland

Polish toast, a toasted baguette topped with mushrooms and melted cheese known as zapiekanka, is a popular street food in Poland.

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15 Spreads People Around the World Put on Toast (Slideshow)