12 Deceptively Delicious Dishes From Around the World

These dishes might not look appetizing, but don’t judge them before you taste them
Uni (Sea Urchin)

Photo Modified: Flickr / sung ming whang / CC BY 4.0

Uni is often eaten in sushi. 

It’s all relative when it comes to what people find delicious and what’s considered disgusting. It depends on society, country, culture, and some innate tendencies, and it’s the difference between thinking a fried spider sounds like a nightmare or something perfectly normal (they’re often eaten in Cambodia).

 When Salon spoke with Daniel Kelly, author of “Yuck!: The Nature and Moral Significance of Disgust,” he said that some responses are innate, but the culture we grow up in can sometimes fine-tune what it is we’re disgusted by. Individual disparities, he said, are also valid – you might be disgusted by the above example of fried spiders in Cambodia if you experienced a spider bite when you were young and be unable to judge this specialty for its flavor alone.

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Certain American foods are often considered disgusting by foreigners, according to Business Insider. An AskReddit thread revealed that some visitors found everything from grits and biscuits and gravy to Hershey’s chocolate, supermarket bread, and Twizzlers to be unpleasant. Here, we’ve compiled 12 dishes from around the world that might look unappetizing or worse at first, but keep an open mind because tasting each might reveal a whole new world of flavor to you.

Angulas (Miniature Eels)


Photo Modified: Flickr / Joselu Blanco / CC BY 4.0

Angulas, or miniature eels, are popular in Spain.

Known in English as elvers, these baby eels — two to three inches long and about as thick as a piece of twine, with two pinpoint black eyes showing — are a popular dish in Spain’s Basque provinces. They must be cooked — usually with olive oil, garlic, and chiles — alive or right after they're killed (traditionally by drowning in tobacco water) to maintain the right texture.

Black Pudding (Blood Sausage)

Black Pudding (Blood Sausage)

Photo Modified: Flickr / Roberto Verzo / CC BY 4.0

Black Pudding is often enjoyed in England, Scotland, and many other countries.

Traditionally eaten in England, Scotland, Ireland, France, and many other countries, black pudding is basically congealed pig's or cow's blood, usually mixed with a binder such as oatmeal or rice, flavored with onions and spices, and stuffed into a casing. It is eaten either whole like a sausage, in thick slices, or crumbled.


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