Beet Smoothie

Beet Smoothie

We got the beet, we got the beet, we got the beet… smoothie! Beets combined with vitamin-filled fruits like blueberries, mango, and peaches makes this smoothie not only delicious, but healthy, too.


1¼ cup tangerine or orange juice

½ apple juice

1 medium beet (peeled and cut into chunks)

½ cup blueberries (frozen)

½ cup mango

½ cup peaches


Combine ingredients in blender (add liquids first)

Blend until smooth

Beet Shopping Tip

Look for vegetables that are firm and bright in color – avoid those that are wilted or have wrinkled skins, which are signs of age and damage.

Beet Cooking Tip

Different vegetables have different cooking times – cook different types separately and then combine.