10 Low-Cost Airlines That Won't Make You Fear For Your Life

With airlines seemingly always in the news — especially after numerous recent scandals — it's understandable why one would be nervous to fly through a low-cost carrier. To help consumers decide what flights to use when traveling around the world, outlets such as Airlineratings.com, Skytrax, and the Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Centre (JACDEC) compile lists of the best (and safest) airlines in the world. Airlineratings.com and JACDEC use certifications, crash records, and past history to evaluate which airlines will be deemed safe, while Skytrax uses consumer-based reviews on customer satisfaction to determine which airlines are the best.

Slideshow: 10 Low-Cost Airlines That Won't Make You Fear for Your Life

After reviewing these lists, we chose to leave some airlines off of ours due to more recent events that may make a consumer question their reliability — such as AirAsia, which was dealing with several safety investigations at the end of 2016, and Flybe, which has been dealing with several safety-related issues this year. Airlines that did make our list? United States favorites like Jet Blue and Virgin America.