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6 Times People Were Kicked Off Planes for Ridiculous Reasons

Over the past few years flight attendants have removed passengers off airplanes for reasons you'll likely find absurd

For years, people have been kicked off flights for absurd reasons. Typically, airlines empathize with the customer and apologize, but sometimes they take the side of their employees. It’s understandable that a passenger gets kicked off a plane for belligerent intoxication or for getting physical with the aircraft crew or even other passengers, but this isn’t always the case.

6 Times People Were Kicked Off Planes for Ridiculous Reasons Slideshow

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All too often (most notably in recent airline history) passengers have been asked to disembark for unjustified reasons — like demonstrating a religious preference, having a food allergy, participating in a conversation in another language — or simply because the airline made the mistake of overbooking a flight. Although United Airlines seemed to have a streak of mishaps at one point, other flight attendants for airlines from Spirit to JetBlue have also wound up in these ludicrous predicaments with passengers. Here are a few incidents over the past year in which a passenger has been kicked off of a flight.