10 Great American Cities for Vegans

Considering your next weekend trip? Check out these 10 cities for meals without animal products

Chaco Canyon Café in Seattle is a great eatery option for vegans.

What do actress Lea Michele, former president Bill Clinton, talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, and country singer Carrie Underwood have in common? They’ve each been committed to maintaining a vegan diet for years. Clinton is a little less strict now, as he sometimes eats organic salmon or omega-3-fortified eggs, but Huffington Post says he still has the same vegan smoothie for breakfast every morning. Even Jay-Z and Beyoncé “lean towards” veganism in their everyday diets, and, together with their trainer Marco Borges, they started a vegan food company called 22 Days Nutrition – although they prefer the term "plant-based" to "vegan."

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The movement for veganism is picking up speed in the United States. According to a study by the Vegetarian Resource Group via Harris Interactive, approximately five percent of Americans are vegetarian – and half those people are vegan.

Adhering to a plant-based diet involves searching the local grocery store’s health food section for items like vegan butter, meatless meatballs, and black bean burgers. PETA suggests oatmeal with walnuts and raisins for breakfast, an avocado reuben for lunch, and tofu-spinach lasagna for dinner, for one day’s example. Asking a waiter for vegan options next time you eat out usually yields some tasty options. For those looking for vegan-friendly spots to try, Happy Cow is a good source for discovering new restaurants.

People choose to switch to a vegan diet for a handful of reasons, which include protecting the environment and enjoying a healthier lifestyle. Whether you’ve been a vegan for 10 years or are considering a vegan-leaning diet as a future possibility, here are 10 of America’s most vegan-friendly cities worth visiting.

Asheville, N.C.


Laughing Seed Café / Facebook

The Laughing Seed Cafe in Asheville serves locally sourced food.

Asheville’s claims to fame include its lively music scene and views of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, but its vegan-friendly options make it unique. The Asheville Vegan Society, hosted by Meetup, holds potlucks and dinners out, as well as encouraging sharing vegan recipes and meeting like-minded people. Plant is an all-vegan restaurant that features black pepper and herb tofu on the menu. Laughing Seed Café serves locally sourced vegan and vegetarian food.



The Vegan Yacht / Facebook

Austin offers a wide selection of vegan food trucks.

The selection of vegan food trucks in Austin is impressive according to PETA. From vegan food at the Vegan Yacht to awe-inspiring guacamole variations at Guac N Roll, Austin has plenty of options. Find your sweet fix at Sweet Ritual, a vegan ice cream shop with varying daily flavors, shakes, and even a Glitterbeast sundae, made with salted caramel sauce, strawberry sauce, and edible glitter.