Thanksgiving with 'Friends': 10 Memorable Moments

Gather around the Thanksgiving table to remember these holiday moments, from the funny to the heartfelt

Monica trying to seduce Chandler is just one of our favorite 'Friends' Thanksgiving memories.

The reason why the now-classic sitcom Friends is so memorable is because we have always been able to see ourselves in at least one of the zany, loveable characters. We were right there with them as they fell in and out of love, changed jobs, and got themselves into hilarious situations, much like we’ve watched our real friends go through the same trials. And just like our real friends, the characters of the funny sitcom have gone through some tumultuous holidays together — especially come Thanksgiving time.

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We know the holidays can be a stressful time. Sometimes the food doesn’t turn out right, guests are late, or there’s just not enough time in the world to put together the perfect dinner that you envisioned. And while you may never have had your head stuck inside a turkey like Joey, accidentally dropped a knife on your friend’s toe like Monica and Chandler, or ever had stars like Brad Pitt or Christina Applegate make cameo appearances at the dinner table, we are certain that you can relate to the insanity that sometimes surrounds holidays like these. But at the end of the day, once a few years have passed, even the craziest of holidays can make us laugh or teach us something about ourselves. 

Since it is unlikely you can play back the now-laughable footage from your holidays passed, we can help you relive some of the funniest moments from everyone’s favorite group of Friends. We‘ll take you through the Friends Thanksgiving moments so you can sit back and laugh at some of their most memorable holidays.

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