10 Memorable 'Friends' Thanksgiving Moments (Slideshow)

Gather around the Thanksgiving table to remember these holiday moments, from the funny to the heartfelt

Locked Out of the Apartment

In the midst of cooking Thanksgiving dinner with the turkey in the oven, Chandler persuades everyone to go look at the Underdog balloon that has been let loose in the city. When leaving, Monica believes Rachel has the keys to the apartment while Rachel assumes Monica does. So when they get back from chasing the balloon, they all discover no one has the keys and therefore they are stuck outside in the hall, while the turkey is stuck in the oven.

The Football Game

To get revved up for the dinner, the gang decides to play some football before their Thanksgiving meal. Sibling rivalry between Monica and Ross runs high, and they end up spending the night on the "battlefield" fighting over the ball while the rest of the group enjoys a nice Thanksgiving dinner.

Chandler in a Box

It’s a rare occasion when a fight between Joey and Chandler blows up this big. After Chandler hooked up with Joey’s girlfriend, he decides after Thanksgiving dinner he can no longer look at him. When Chandler asks what he can do to make the situation better, Joey simply decides to put him inside a box so Chandler can clear his mind and think things through.

Chandler Loses a Toe

This flashback takes us back to 1988 when Rachel, Ross, Monica, and Chandler were celebrating Thanksgiving at the Geller’s. After shedding all of her weight, Monica tries to seduce Chandler to get back at him for all those times he made fun of her. She foolishly does so by caressing herself with kitchen objects — one of them being a knife, which she drops, cutting off one of Chandler’s toes.

Ross Gets High

It’s nice to have your parents over for Thanksgiving dinner. But when it turns into an all-out word war… not so much. In this episode, after a nice Thanksgiving meal, Monica and Ross reveal each other’s "scandalous" secrets to their parents with a hilarious end result.

Thanksgiving Challenge

Chandler brings home a challenge he learned at work: name the 50 states. Of course Ross believes this task is too easy, so Chandler makes a bet that Ross can’t have any Thanksgiving dinner until he finishes the challenge. With only one state missing, Ross scrambles, frustrated he can’t figure it out! He then comes back to the apartment in the middle of the night with the answer and has a late Thanksgiving dinner by himself. 

The Ultimate Turkey Challenge

In this episode, Monica decides she won’t be making turkey this Thanksgiving. Of course Joey is upset, and Monica then changes her mind under one condition: he must finish the entire turkey. Joey doesn’t know what he signed up for and goes to great lengths to make it possible, including changing into Phoebe’s maternity pants and being the last to leave the table in order to attempt to finish what he started.

Monica’s China Breaks

Christina Applegate makes a cameo appearance for this holiday episode as Rachel’s sister. Just as the rest of the group is setting the table with Monica’s wedding china, Rachel and her sister’s bickering gets a little physical. One thing leads to another and before you know it, Monica’s china breaks.

Joey’s Gets Stuck in the Door

As usual, Monica and Chandler host Thanksgiving dinner, but this time the rest of the gang shows up a couple of hours late. Monica and Chandler lock them out in order to show their frustration. Rachel, Ross, Phoebe, and Joey try all sorts of tactics to be let in. One of the most memorable is Joey getting his head stuck between the door, which leads to Monica to try to solve the problem by slathering turkey grease down his neck!

Joey Gets Stuck in a Turkey

In an effort to scare Chandler, Joey sticks the Thanksgiving turkey on his head and hides in his apartment. What he didn’t plan for was the bird getting stuck, leaving the gang to try and figure out how to free his head.