Wikimedia/National Police of Columbia

Sushi Delivery Drones Take Off in Iceland

Iceland’s new delivery drones are much faster than traditional delivery methods
Wikimedia/National Police of Columbia

A food delivery company in Iceland started delivering with drones in Reykjavik, and it says delivery times have gotten way shorter. 

Restaurants and grocery stores have been toying with the idea of food delivery drones for years. One guy even flew a drone through a KFC drive thru to pick up his own meal. Now drone delivery is a reality for customers in Iceland.

Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, is full of inlets and waterways. The area’s geography makes traffic routes long and indirect, and traffic jams are common. That means food delivery can take a long time. Now, however, Iceland has approved drones for commercial food delivery, and it looks like food might be able to get to customers a lot more quickly.

According to the New York Post, an Icelandic food delivery website called AHA partnered with a drone company called Flytrex, and this week they started delivering food with drones, which can fly right over the huge bay in the middle of Reykjavik. AHA says the drones cut 15 to 20 minutes off delivery times.

The drones are not going directly to customers’ homes, though. Right now the drones are flying between hubs on each side of the bay. Employees take the food out of drone when it gets to the hub, then deliver it to the customer by bike or foot.

Next year, however, the company says it intends to have the drones deliver food directly to people’s houses.


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