Drones Will Now Deliver Your Domino’s Pizza — If You're a Kiwi

Domino’s has teamed up with Flirtey Drones for the first commercial pizza-by-drone delivery, with a demonstration in New Zealand

Pizza by drone: a much snazzier delivery, and no tip needed.

Your Amazon order can be delivered by drone and even your 7-Eleven Slurpee can, so why not your  pizza? Domino’s has partnered with Flirtey Drones — also responsible for the Slurpee flights — for the first commercial pizza delivery-by-drone business model. The drone delivery was tested in New Zealand this week, and the pizza was safely delivered, piping-hot to a lucky family.

“Partnering with Flirtey to revolutionize the delivery experience is an achievement that will set our company apart in the minds of customers and change the way delivery is conducted around the world,” said Group CEO and managing director Don Meij of Australia-based Domino’s Pizza Enterprises, the largest Domino's franchisee in the world. “Domino’s customers can expect the freshest and fastest pizza delivery service at the same quality they have come to expect from us thanks to Flirtey’s industry-leading technology.”

The delivery drone is an unmanned vehicle made from carbon fiber, aluminum, and 3D-printed components with a GPS honing signal and battery backup to ensure that the drone won’t get lost or accidentally grounded. Plus, new state-of-the-art packaging technology allows the pizza to stay hot and fresh while whizzing about in the air.


This isn’t the first time Domino’s Pizza Enterprises has pushed the limits of delivery technology. Earlier this year, the chain debuted a robot car for on-the-ground autonomous delivery.