This Guy Flew a Drone Through the KFC Drive-Thru to Pick Up His Meal

A New Zealand man used his drone to pick up his KFC meal in a publicity stunt that was meant to impress his girlfriend

This is the lazy man’s perfect dream.

Food delivery by drone is starting to be utilized by restaurant chains around the world. But one man decided to take matters into his own hands — er, propellers — and use his remote-controlled drone to pick up his food order at KFC in Auckland, New Zealand.

Ollie Mason-Clarke — a popular social media personality — was able to successfully fly his drone through the drive-thru window with a note (and money, presumably) attached, and drive his food back to the park, where he was planning the “romantic” surprise for his girlfriend.

“It was just a fun project I wanted to do,” he told the New Zealand Herald, confirming that the drive-by drone pickup was not a publicity stunt for KFC.


Don’t think too hard about trying this at home though. It apparently took a lot of preparation to set up and run by the KFC staff, who were fully aware of the publicity stunt. Mason-Clarke worked with Visualise Media to pull it off and coordinated with “KFC's ops team, health and safety manager and store manager to ensure safety of staff and customers during filming,” according to the New Zealand Herald.