Woman Finds Lizard in Starbucks Latte

A Starbucks customer says she took a drink and found a lizard in her mouth


A woman says she found a tiny lizard in her Starbucks latte and almost swallowed it.

An Arizona woman says she got an unexpected and unwelcome extra in her Starbucks latte this week when she took a drink and found a tiny lizard in her mouth.

According to ABC News, Kim Dillon and her husband, Brian, ordered a pair of their normal sugar-free lattes at a Starbucks in their local Fry’s Marketplace. Then the unsuspecting Kim took a drink of her coffee and found something solid in her mouth. When she spit it out, she saw that it was a very small lizard.

Dillon supplied photos to ABC News, and the lizard she says was in her cup was a very, very tiny lizard small enough to fit through the hole in the plastic lid of a Starbucks to-go cup. Still, it was a tiny, dead, lizard with no legs, and nobody wants something like that in their mouth.

"Where are the legs? Where's the skin?" asked Kim, clearly dreading the answer. "And it just makes me sick."

Starbucks said it was disturbed by the news and would be looking into it. Fry’s said it called a pest control service and did extra cleaning, but they believe it was an isolated incident.