Live Gecko Found in Swiss Chard

A woman was surprised by a gecko hiding in her greens

A woman unwrapped her package of chard from the supermarket to discover she'd received a live gecko as a bonus.

A woman in Switzerland who recently bought herself a nice bunch of fresh, healthful Swiss chard was stunned when she went to wash her greens and discovered she’d unintentionally purchased a new pet gecko.

According to The Local, Fabienne Graber said she opened the bundle of chard and a little lizard walked out to survey his new home.

“When I took off the plastic wrap covering the side of the chard, I noticed there wasn’t only vegetables,” she said. “A tiny creature walked on the table, no bigger than a finger.”

The chard was packaged in plastic and had been purchased from a Migros supermarket. A reptile expert identified the little guy as a wall gecko, a harmless nocturnal lizard that likes to hang out around walls and cliffs in the Mediterranean basin area. A spokesperson from the supermarket said the chard came from Valencia in Spain, so probably the gecko got into the chard there and was packed up and shipped along with the vegetables.


Graber said she’d decided to keep the little gecko as a pet, and has moved it into an old terrarium she had in the basement. Conveniently, she already knows what it likes to eat.