McRag Burger? Illinois McDonald’s Served This Couple a Rag Instead of a Hamburger

This couple went to a drive-thru and did not receive the correct order

The Wirths found this rag in their McDonald's order.

An Elk Grove Village, Illinois, couple received a surprise in their McDonald’s order — and not in a good way.

Hans and Debbie Wirth ordered a burger from a McDonald’s drive-thru on July 22. When they got home, they found a rag in a wrapper in place of their burger, according to ABC7 Chicago.

The Wirths called the restaurant on Arlington Heights and Biesterfield Road to get an apology for the mix-up. Debbie described the restaurant’s response to ABC7, saying, “He just says, ‘Come in, I’ll give you another McDouble.’ Well, you know, that’s not the point.”

Rich O’Keefe, owner of the McDonald’s location, told ABC7, “I took this matter seriously and we are currently looking into this claim.” He also called the Wirths back to apologize.


It’s still unclear why the Wirths were served the rag, but Hans told ABC7 that on July 23, he ate a McDouble for dinner — from a different restaurant.