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‘Saturday Night Live’ Is Making Its Own Wine Now

New York’s hottest wine is a 2016 Beaujolais named Stefon

Saturday Night Live has found a way to make even more money from all the people hanging out at home on Saturday night, drinking wine and watching SNL on their couches. Now Saturday Night Live has come out with its own line of wine. If they start selling couches, too, they’ll really dominate the late night, watching-TV-on-the-couch market.

The new SNL wines are sold through Lot18, which also makes The Walking Dead wine and a collection of other wines inspired by media properties. The SNL wine includes three reds wines and a white. There’s a 2016 Saturday Night Live California Red Blend, and three bottles named after some of Saturday Night Live’s most iconic characters in recent years.

There’s a 2016 Debbie Downer Chardonnay from Australia, and despite being named for a character whose defining trait is being a huge bummer, it’s a surprisingly upbeat wine that’s described as “the perfect antidote to all life’s trials and tribulations.” It has flavors of baked apple, hazelnut, lemon, and spice.

The collection also includes a 2015 Monterey County Merlot named for The Californians, and one of the collection’s hottest wines is sure to be the 2016 Beaujolais called Stefon. The Stefon Beaujolais costs $18, and the rest cost $20. Those might be worth checking out, then check out the 101 best wineries in America for 2017.

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H/t Entertainment Weekly