A Post-Commencement Brunch Menu

Instead of dining out after the ceremony, host a brunch at home

After lugging the grandparents and younger siblings around a school campus, many parents don’t want to face a packed restaurant for brunch after a graduation ceremony. So why not host a brunch at home? Choose dishes that you can prepare in advance so the thought of facing a hot stove won't distract you while watching your child receives his or her diploma. And, if it's blazing hot outside, you'll be happy to take of that jacket and loosen those ties. Just don’t forget to pick up that graduation cake for dessert. 


Sorbet-Topped Cocktails

Raise a toast to the graduate with this create-your-own alternative to mimosas. Pick two flavors of sorbet to combine with Champagne for the adults. Swap in sparkling water for those not of age.



Blueberry Poppy-Seed Brunch Cake

A breakfast classic updated with the slight crunch of poppy seeds.



Asparagus Frittata

A brunch classic that is best made with tender spears of spring asparagus.




Salmon Niçoise Salad

Cook each component of the salad in advance. Once at home, all you need to do is arrange each accompaniment in a serving dish of its own and you’re set.



Maple-Glazed Bacon

Who doesn’t love any kind of bacon? The problem when I make this is that I end up eating half of it and if my husband Stevie wanders into the kitchen…

Lulu Powers


Fruit Salad

Growing up, my mom always cut up fresh fruit and arranged it on a plate with a shot glass full…

Lulu Powers


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