Stocking the Bar: Party-Perfect Prosecco

Inventive tips for serving everyone’s favorite bubbly

Every experienced hostess knows that one of the best ways to make guests feel at home when they arrive at your door is to hand them a cocktail. Better yet — set up a self-serve drink station so they can customize their concoction.

Setting up a self-service station can be as simple as opening a bottle of wine and a bottle of sparkling water, or as involved as a full spread of liquors and mixers.

For a large family gathering, shower, or festive dinner party, we love to set up a prosecco bar. Prosecco is a light Italian sparkling wine similar to French Champagne, but at a quarter of the price. A nice bottle of prosecco will cost you about seven to ten dollars (we love Zonin Prosecco, found at our local Trader Joe’s)  Arrange a few bottles in an ice bin with an array of sorbets and juices, then invite your guests to mix to their hearts’ desire. And for those who don’t imbibe — make sure to have plenty of sparkling water to combine with the sorbet or juice for a non-alcoholic mocktail.


What You Need to Create a Prosecco Bar of Your Own

• Sorbets (choose one or two): A mini scoop of sorbet in a chilled glass of prosecco dissolves slowly, flavoring the drink and keeping it chilled. Just make sure to add the prosecco first and the sorbet second — sounds counterintuitive, we know — or you’ll have a mess on your hands.

What to try:

Lemon, strawberry, raspberry, peach.


• Juices and Purées (choose one or two): When using these mixers, combine 2/3 cup of Meyer Lemon Simple Syrup to 1 cup juice. Pour into a squirt bottle or pitcher and chill until ready to use.

What to try:

Fresh squeezed orange or tangerine juice; pink lemonade; sparkling Italian sodas (blood orange or lemon works well); fresh or frozen peach purée (you can order it, try Ina’s recipe, or use Looza peach nectar). 


• Garnishes: Fresh raspberries and whole strawberries.


• Essentials: Prosecco, sparkling water, Champagne flutes, tall spoons or stirrers, cocktail napkins, and mini ice cream scoops.


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