9 Ridiculous Graduation Cakes

Extraordinary designs to celebrate the momentous day

Mountain Climber Cake

It’s that time of year — diplomas, tassels, and polyester gowns are everywhere. And with graduation season come all of the parties for the special graduate along with, of course, a celebratory cake. Lately we've noticed that when it comes to graduation parties, things have gotten a little out of hand, with celebrations now being held for little tykes in their last year of pre-school, complete with schoolhouse-shaped cakes!

Back in the day, most graduation parties didn't even include a cake. If it did, it was a simple sheet cake from the nearby grocery store or Carvel shop. Wow, have times changed. One college graduate headed out into the real world had a two-tier Dr. Seuss cake at their party, while another was honored with a cake inspired by their impending global adventures.

And the extravagant cakes keep coming, with cakes for those who have gone back for a second round of higher education including cakes for chefs-to-be, and cakes for the future leaders of the business world. Which would you want to celebrate your graduation day?

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