Perfect Baby Shower Themes for Any Gender

Celebrate the new little bundle of joy with a themed shower mommy will love
Baby Shower Themes

D’awww could these themes get any cuter?

For a mommy-to-be a baby shower is one of of the most exciting and fun events before the baby arrives. Not only can mom get all of the things she needs for her new little joy, she can spend the day amongst the network of loving family members who are excited for her little one. To make the baby shower extra special for mommy, try and create a shower that reflects her style and will work for any baby that is on the way!

Mommy to “Bee”

An adorable bee themed baby shower is great for the buzz-worthy news of a little one. All decor can be in black and yellow, favors can be DIY jarred honey and centerpieces can be bright sunflowers!

Book Worm Theme

Maybe mommy is a big fan of literature. Prepare her future little book worm by bringing a wishing-well gift of childhood books. Favors can be adorable little book marks (made with a sonogram photo of the baby) and the food can feature apple themed dishes in honor of the book worm itself.

About to “Pop”

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If the mommy-to-be is about to “pop” during the summer, an ice-pop themed party would be perfect! Use popsicle sticks for creative decor and don’t forget to serve frozen treats! You could also use balloons