3 Adorable Baby Shower Favors

Oh baby, you are going to love these sweet gifts!

Whether you are welcoming a little boy or girl, these gifts are great for any shower.

After spending a few hours watching the mommy-to-be open gift after gift, “oooh-ing” and “ahhh-ing” at every sweet piece, guests deserve a nice treat to take home. The conundrum that surrounds choosing a favor is selecting something that is fun and functional. The solution? Always go with something edible or useful. People can never enjoy too many treats or have too many useful gadgets. Check out these hand gifts we found that your guests will love receiving post-party!

Soft Spoons
For those who have their own little one’s in their lives, a soft feeding spoon is a perfect favor that you can easily personalize with the event date or the future newborn baby’s name.

Baby Cakes
The only problem with these baby-faced cake pops is they may be too cute to eat!

Oh Baby!


With a salted caramel treat in a jar that is super handy, this gift has the potential for fun and functional all over it!