How to Host a Summer Baby Shower

Cue the gorgeous weather; we have a party to host
Francesca Borgognone

Set the scene with multicolored baby onesies!

What do you get when you combine a pregnant woman, lots of presents, and a giant rubber-ducky topped cake? A fantastic baby shower, that’s what. 

That was the case on a hot summer day this past June. Krystin Vermillion, the mom-to-be, was the main attraction — well, her belly was the main event, really — and she was graced with great food, a cheerful ambiance, and even better company. 

How does one throw such a successful shower? Read on and we’ll tell you! 

When preparing for a shower, most hosts or hostesses would decide on a theme based on the sex of the baby. Well, we weren’t so lucky. Because the mom-and-dad-to-be decided to keep the gender a mystery until the very end, we had to be creative. 

To create a festive ambiance, we started with a little bit of pink and a little bit of blue, naturally. After throwing in the neutral colors, yellow and green, we had our color scheme. The fete was hosted outside, where café-style tables were topped with heaping centerpieces, and balloons and baby onesies were strung from lamp posts and trees. Our swimming pool was filled with rubber duckies of all sizes, which were perfect for the little guests to enjoy. 

As for the menu, here’s what was served:

Drinks: To start off the party with a bang, we served coolers of colorful drinks — both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, perfect for the mom-to-be and her guests to enjoy. An X-Rated Fusion-spiked pink lemonade, a mint-iced tea, and cucumber water were not only refreshing, but nice pops of color.

Starters: Pregnancy-approved appetizers were passed, including crostini in an array of flavors, rice balls, and mozzarella sticks (all huge cravings for Vermillion). 

*A tip: With the exception of the rice balls and the mozzarella sticks, every item served was cold and outdoor-friendly. 

Entrées: Pressed sandwiches, insalata di mare, green salads, focaccia, grilled vegetables, and cold antipasti — again, all pregnancy-friendly — were rolled out for guests to serve themselves. 

Dessert: A three-tiered cake, baby-themed cookies, and assorted pastries were served alongside coffee, espresso, and tea, as guests played games and gave speeches about Vermillion.

As for the favors, rather than keep it baby-centric, we decided that food —important to both the mom-to-be and dad-to-be — would be the focus. We handed out marmalade and olive oil, tied together as a reflection of his Southern roots and her Italian roots. 

While the baby has yet to arrive, Vermillion and the rest of the guests had a special day and shared in the excitement of the coming of the little bundle of joy!