3 Cool DIY Projects with Baby Food Jars

Get crafty this winter with easy projects that will brighten up any room

These easy projects are completely adaptable and totally fun!

New moms will tell you: having a baby isn’t all cuddles, kisses, and lullabies. Despite being adorable, these little balls of energy are eating machines. And if you’re feeding a little one, your recycling bin is probably overflowing with mini glass jars. Instead of tossing all of them to the curb, you can reimagine them for useful, beautiful, and simple DIY projects to enhance your home! Check out some of these great ideas!

Party Favors

A simple piece of fabric, gorgeous twine, and a tempting bag of candies can make for a cheap and easy DIY gift. You can mix and match patterns and create memorable gifts for everyone!

Painted Jars

So long as they are heat-safe, baby food jars are perfect for tea lights. Painting or collaging them (using Mod Podge) are super simple ways to bring out your decorative flare!

Spice Storage


With the help of chalkboard paint or easy etching tools, you can upcycle baby food jars as a unique countertop spice rack.