Non-Booze Bar To Open In London

Is it possible to stay sober at a bar on a Friday night in London?

As the summer heats up, and parties fill our calendars, the age-old question comes into play again- do we need alcohol to have a good time (minus that not-so-good time that comes with the hangover the next morning)? A new London bar, Redemption, seems to think not.

The question we now face is, who would go to the booze-free bar? “It might not be your first choice for a Christmas party but I think it’s a great alternative. You can’t even go to the cinema now without contemplating a glass of wine, but if you remove it entirely it will free people up,” said Catherine Salway, founder and owner, to the Evening Standard. Salway noticed a shortage of alcohol-free options for fun in London, and aimed to create a place to socialize without being pressured (or tempted) to drink.

The menu may not have alcohol, but it certainly has great alternatives! Beer and cocktails aren’t available, but iced teas, coconut water “martinis”, mocktails, and even detox teas (for those who had a bit too much to drink last night), are on the menu. Scrap the typical bar food idea of fries and burgers and chips- a healthy menu of food developed by a nutritionist will be offered.

Despite your healthy tonic and nutritionist-inspired fare, a fun atmosphere will remain, with a live DJ and musical performances, because a sober Friday night doesn’t have to mean a quiet boring Friday night.


Redemption is set to start as a pop-up at Netil 360 in London, on July 21st