How Bartenders Cure Their Hangovers

Staff Writer
Let the experts of boozing share how they tackle their worst hangovers

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

We talk a lot about hangovers here (mostly because we love ourselves a good stiff drink), and sadly, science just hasn't granted us our biggest wish of wiping hangovers off the face of the Earth. But in the meantime, we'll ask the experts of the boozing field, the bartenders, just how they cure their hangovers the next morning. 

In this exclusive clip from the upcoming documentary, Hey Bartender, some of the most famed bartenders share what works for them — and it includes all the good stuff. While many might rely on greasy food to help them pull through (we totally agree with an egg sandwich), there are some quite interesting cures for hangovers from the best bartenders out there. (And really, the only thing that will cure your hangover is sleep.) 

Check out this clip from Hey Bartender and hey, you never know if one of these cures just might work. (And be sure to check out The Daily Meal's exclusive preview of the film, too.) 


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