The Newest Trend in London: Smoked Water

Why everyone's flipping out over smoked water for both food and drink

Oak-smoked water.

Well, if you haven't jumped on the smoked water craze already, you're not too late. The Daily Mail now reports that you can buy the elusive smoked water -- that's smoked water that comes in a bag -- at select stores for £2.75 (or about $3.60). 

The smoked water experiment comes from London chef and molecular gastronomy pioneer Heston Blumenthal, and the Anglesey Sea Salt company. The team introduced the smoked water last October at the Abergavenny Food Festival in Wales to huge fanfare. And it's really not too complicated: the water, just plain old tap water, is then smoked for four days in a smokery, says the Daily Mail. 


Don't feel like adding a splash of smoked water to your risotto, or cocktails? You can find smoked water concoctions at some of London's top cocktail bars, like Ping Pong. And here we were thinking smoked cocktails were crazy.