Get Saucy in the Kitchen with 'Never Cook Sober'

A collection of alcoholic and drink-inspired recipes for the home cook and spirit enthusiast

Never Cook Sober Cookbook

Stacy Laabs and Sherri Field want you to get boozed up — with cooking, that is. Spirit and wine aficionados, these two chefs recently came out with a cookbook that celebrates the intersection of food and alcohol. These two components are no strangers in the culinary arts — they often go hand in hand, whether it’s during the process, as part of a recipe, or entertaining guests with the results. In Laabs and Field’s cookbook, Never Cook Sober (F+W Media), they encourage the fun times that revolve around cooking with dozens of alcohol-laden recipes, to be enjoyed with or without a drink.

Filled with fun facts, funny quotes, and alcohol pairings, Never Cook Sober is a collection of unique and creative recipes for just about any occasion — and they all call for little extra kick. Whether you’re starting your day with Loaded Oatmeal, or serving a dinner party Tilapia in a Rum Butter Sauce, these recipes take the role of alcohol in cooking well beyond the white-wine-in-risotto gig. While the book is unfortunately without photographs, we still enjoyed reading through the various recipes that not only called for alcohol but were inspired by drinks that we like to order at the bar. Recipes are even labeled by their alcohol content, so you can choose what dish you’re in the mood for. Bloody Mary Shrimp, Long Island Iced Tea Chicken, and Happy Hour Clam Beer Bites all had our mouths watering, so we wanted to share with you. Whether you fancy yourself a drink every now and then or not, these recipes will certainly spice things up in the kitchen and make your cooking a little bit saucier.

Champagne Oysters Rockefeller Recipe

"I have taken more out of alcohol than alcohol has taken out of me."

— Winston Churchill





Wobbly Chicken Tequila Fettucine Recipe

"I dont go out with my single friends — not at all — because I never have a good time, never have fun. We go to a club, a guy comes over: 'Hey, can I buy you a drink?' They're like, 'No, she's married.' I'm like..."

— Wanda Sykes





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