Nashville Not Impressed After Being Called 'Snobby'

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The Tennessean responds to the Travel + Leisure survey

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Travel + Leisure recently administered their survey of America’s Favorite Cities, and with it, have stirred up some conflict.

A subset of the survey asked readers to rank the top 20 snobbiest cities out of 35 major metropolitan areas. Criteria like food trucks, good-looking locals, reputation for “smarty-pants” residents, and high-end shopping areas were considered alongside “tech-savviness” and eco-consciousness.

Nashville was ranked number 13 in the survey, which was attributed to “the foodie culture” and the notion that “at sushi bar Virago in the Gulch, you might see famous residents like Nicole Kidman or Sheryl Crow.”

It appears as though some residents are not so happy with the results, as evidenced by an article that was published in The Tennesean.

Contributor Jessica Bliss wrote “Essentially, having a Grammy-winning symphony, a place in Green Hills to purchase Gucci and dozens of laid-back spots to sip lattes is horribly ostentations.”

Chris Hyndman, the owner of Virago and Whiskey Kitchen took to Nashville’s defense. He joked to the Tennessean “We tried to institute a no-celebrity policy at the door, but Nashville is so damn full of them we were going to go out of business, so we had to let them back in.”

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Nashville was beat out by San Francisco (number 1), New York City (number 2), and Portland, Oregon (number 11).

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