McDonald’s Japan Tries Open Kitchen Concept

McDonald’s Japan hopes an open kitchen can lure customers back

McDonald's Japan is trying out a new glass window to let customers see in the kitchen. 

A series of food scandals have allegedly damaged consumer confidence in McDonald’s Japan, but now the chain has come up with a restaurant redesign that it hopes will lure customers back.

According to Rocket News 24, McDonald’s has been promoting an image of freshness with a “Made for You” campaign that emphasizes that meals are made-to-order in a clean, safe kitchen. To help drive that home, the chain has installed glass windows in two of its most popular locations in Japan so that customers can peek in the kitchens and see what is going on.

The glass windows opened in two food court locations at the Aeon Mall Toda North in Saitama and Aeon Mall Rinku Sennan in Osaka. Now anyone walking through the food court can look inside and see the McDonald’s food being prepared.


In 2014 McDonald’s Japan reported its first annual loss in 11 years. That news came after a series of food scandals that included news that a Chinese meat supplier had sold the company expired chicken and an incident where bits of blue vinyl were found in some chicken nuggets.