After Chicken Scandal, McDonald’s Japan Debuts Tofu Nuggets

McDonald's Japan's new tofu nuggets couldn't have come at a better time
On the Heels of Chicken Scandal in Asia, McDonald’s Japan Debuts Tofu Nuggets
McDonald's Japan

Just days after McDonald's Japan announced that it would stop the sale of all chicken products from China, the company has debuted tofu nuggets.

Just days after McDonald’s Japan announced the decision to halt the sale of all chicken products received from China after it was revealed that the supplier may have shipped expired meat to Japan, McDonald’s Japan has announced the debut of the Tofu Shinjo Nugget, made primarily of tofu and vegetables.

According to The Wall Street Journal, McDonald’s Japan had been planning to introduce the tofu nuggets before the company was made aware of the supplier scandal.

The new menu item will made of tofu, carrots, onions, and a common Japanese fish paste called shinjo. The nuggets will debut on Wednesday, July 30, and will be available through late September.

The limited-edition menu item will be produced locally in Japan, and will be served with a ginger-flavored sauce. “Because it isn’t meat, it tastes a bit different. It’s a bit softer,” announced a spokesperson for the company. “Calorie-wise, it is a bit lower than chicken as well.”

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