Saucy New McDonald’s Ad Grosses Out Customers in Japan

McDonald’s Japan’s new commercial is too gooey for customers’ tastes

Some customers were turned off by the sight of sauce on people's faces in a new ad from McDonald's Japan.

A new ad for a limited time offering from McDonald’s Japan has received a lot of attention from customers, but not for the reason they would have liked. In fact, since the ad came out, Internet users have been slamming it for being “gross” and “unappetizing.”

According to Rocket News 24, the new ad is for a teriyaki chicken sandwich with egg and lemon sauce made with lemons from Seto, a region in Japan that is particularly famous for producing high-quality citrus fruits. The Seto lemon sauce is a big draw for the sandwich, then, but the ad might have oversold it a little bit and wound up alienating customers.

The ad seems pretty innocuous. The video just features people eating the sandwiches, smiling, and laughing a bit at each other as they get small amounts of lemon sauce on their faces while they eat. Looking at people with sauce smeared on their faces was too much for some viewers, however, and commenters on the video said it was “gross,” “disgusting,” and that “Nobody wants to see food smeared all over your mouth” and “Nobody is going to watch that commercial and want to eat after.”


The special lemon sauce does sound like a big draw, but maybe next time it would be better to just show it on the sandwich.