McDonald’s Japan Rolls Out Honey Lemon Shakes to Make the Rest of the World Jealous

McDonald’s Japan’s new spring milkshake tastes like Japanese lemons
McDonald's Japan Honey Lemon Shake

McDonald’s Japan

McDonald's Japan is releasing a special limited-edition honey lemon milkshake that's sure to make the whole rest of the world envious.

McDonald’s Japan has a tendency to roll out envy-inducing limited edition flavors that sound delicious but won’t be available to the rest of the world, like the time they introduced a purple sweet potato milkshake or fried red bean paste pies, and now they may have outdone themselves with a new spring milkshake that tastes like honey and lemons.

According to Rocket News 24, the new Honey Lemon Shake is based on a popular honey and lemon beverage that’s like a sophisticated, less sugary version of lemonade. The McDonald’s iteration takes its inspiration from that beverage, and it will even be made with local produce. The honey has reportedly been sourced from Japanese bees, and the lemons come from Japan’s Setouchi region, which is renowned for its high-quality citrus fruits.

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The Honey Lemon Shake goes on sale across Japan on February 23 for $1 for a small sized shake, and it will be around until the end of March. The rest of us will just have to look on in envy as people in Japan put photos of their shakes on Instagram and try to be happy for them.