McDonald’s Japan Gets Purple Sweet Potato Shakes

McDonald’s Japan mixes purple sweet potato milkshakes for fall
McDonald's Japan

McDonald's Japan is rolling out pretty purple milkshakes for fall.

International fast food chains get the most interesting menu items, and this season McDonald’s Japan is rolling out one of the prettiest limited-time offerings in the form of a milkshake made with purple sweet potatoes.

According to RocketNews24, the chain’s new purple sweet potato milkshake is a seasonal Japanese twist on the classic vanilla milkshake. Purple sweet potatoes have a slightly richer flavor and denser texture than regular orange or yellow sweet potatoes, and the deep purple color gives the milkshake an appealing shade that seems perfectly suited to posting on Instagram.

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The Purple Sweet Potato McShake will go on sale in Japan on September 10 and should stay on the menu until the end of October. A small shake will sell for 100 yen, or 95 cents. A medium one will run 195 yen, or $1.85. If you are not in Japan, check out our best sweet potato recipes for some interesting ways to use sweet potatoes yourself.