McDonald’s Japan Announces Red Bean Paste Pies

McDonald’s Japan has anko pies for autumn

McDonald's Japan is celebrating fall with a limited-edition red bean paste pie. 

Fall in Japan is a good time for food, and it’s already started with McDonald’s Japan’s cool purple sweet potato milkshake. Now the chain has announced that it’s autumn menu is getting even more seasonally delicious with a version of their famous fried apple pie where the apples have been replaced by Japanese red bean paste.

According to Rocket News 24, the McDonald’s Anko Pie is a pocket-sized, deep-fried pie crust filled with anko, a sweet paste made from red beans. They are a special for fall and go on sale in Japan on September 15 for 100 yen, or about 83 cents apiece.


The pies are also served piping hot, which means they’re a perfect candidate for dipping in an order of McDonald’s ice cream. Someone should probably try it with the purple sweet potato milkshake, too. That might not be delicious, but it is worth a try, and both items are only in stores for a limited time.