Live Like a Celebrity: Anne Hathaway Edition Slideshow

PARTY: Befriend a Famous Fashion Designer

Valentino, Stella McCartney, Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford — these are just a few of the fashion-related friends that Hathaway has made over the years. It doesn’t hurt that she played assistant to the faux Anna Wintour in The Devil Wears Prada, scoring her designer duds for every scene and creating relationships that allowed her to snag front row seats at every show during both seasons of fashion week.

PARTY: Go Vegan — Even at Your Wedding.

At both her New York City engagement party this past spring and her Big Sur, Calif., wedding in September, Hathaway had an entirely vegan menu to reflect her animal product-free lifestyle.

PARTY: Go Low-Key.

Hathaway and Shulman live a very private life, despite Hathaway being so A-list. The two are often seen running together, walking their dog, and eating casual dinners all around the country.

PARTY: Host at Home.

The NYC-based couple tends to host friends at their DUMBO home rather than head to hot spots like Soho House or Chateau Marmont. "We have house parties and dinner parties and just hang out," Hathaway told People magazin

PARTY: Keep Your Friends Close.

Jersey girl Hathaway is still very close to her friends from home, who she has been seen out and about with on shopping trips or when grabbing lunch. Though she keeps ties to a few of her famous pals like Jake Gyllenhaal, Sienna Miller, Hugh Jackman, and Emily Blunt, it’s her home friends who take the cake.

EAT: Birthday Celebrations

Not every meal is full of wine and roses for Hathaway, unfortunately. In November 2010, the actress was spotted at New York hot spot Tocqueville , where she was celebrating her birthday with her parents and then-boyfriend Adam Shulman. Suddenly, the room became quiet, and she left the restaurant in tears, followed by Shulman. "It sort of came on pretty suddenly," a witness told Page Six. "Everyone got pretty quiet. She left crying, and then her boyfriend followed her, but her parents remained." No word on what set her off, but her father was apparently overheard saying, "'Let's not talk about it tonight; it's her birthday."

EAT: Drastic Dieting

Shutterstock/Debby Wong

 In order to take on the emaciated look needed for her role as Fantine in the film adaptation of Les Miserables, Hathaway went on a diet that sounds just awful. "I just had to stop eating," she told the Hollywood Reporter, "all for a total of 13 days’ shooting."

EAT: Vegan Menu


While filming The Dark Night Rises, the actress ramped up the vegetarian diet she had been practicing into full-on veganism. And while it may not have made her wedding guests happy, Hathaway also served a completely vegan meal to the guests at her September wedding to Adam Shulman. The vegan veggie burgers, cupcakes, and macaroni and cheese served still sound pretty good, though!

EAT: Rehearsal Dinner

The night before their wedding, Hathaway and Shulman held their rehearsal dinner at The Restaurant at the Ventana Inn in Big Sur, Calif., where 50 guests joined the couple for a three-course dinner. So what was on the menu? Organic beets, hand-harvested diver scallops, Colorado grass-fed lamb, Saint Andre triple crème cheese with honey, and coconut ginger panna cotta for dessert, according to the site. But don't worry, a vegetarian option was offered as well.

EAT: Fashionable Dining

When she’s not subsisting on oatmeal paste (!), Hathaway goes to restaurants just like we do, even though we’re sure sometimes it’s not easy to find vegan offerings (something tells us that the kitchen has no trouble whipping up something for the guest of honor, though). On June 16, 2010, she was spotted leaving London’s Locanda Locatelli with famed fashion designer Valentino.

COOK: With Jake Gyllenhaal

Shutterstock/Helga Esteb

Not only does she cook, but she enlists some pretty hunky sous chefs as well, like Jake Gyllenhaal. Apparently, the two are constantly texting each other about cooking advice when working in the kitchen, and because we’re worried that hubby Adam Shulman might get jealous, we’d like to offer our own cooking guide to Hathaway so she doesn’t have to resort to Gyllenhaal’s expertise.

COOK: Chili


Along with constantly searching for new cooking advice, Hathaway is always looking for her "go-to" chili recipe. We think she’d love oursthat uses cocoa powder and big chunks of steak to create a hearty and filling chili — although she might decide to skip the meat, considering she apparently went vegan after filming The Dark Knight Rises.

COOK: Be Imaginative

In addition to cooking emergencies, she’s quoted as saying that she’s not a very imaginative cook, so we’d also give her a copy of Adam Robert’s Secrets of the Best Chefs to help her strengthen her creative skills.

COOK: Be Adventurous

If she’s still sticking to her animal-free diet, we recommend she try our vegan cassoulet that we created with renowned chef Art Smith, but if she’s gone back to meat, we’d point her to our best alligator recipes — apparently she’s quite the adventurous eater

COOK: Vegan

Anne Hathaway became obsessed with New York City's vegan bakery, Babycakes when prepping for The Dark Knight Rises. 

DRINK: Power Smoothies

The star is constantly dropping pounds for her roles, whether as Fantine in Les Mis or Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises (despite her tiny figure as is). How does she do it? Shape magazine shared that part of her strict diet for The Dark Knight Rises included chocolate power smoothies made with almond milk (she is vegan, after all).

DRINK: Skinny Margaritas

When Hathaway isn't watching what she drinks, she certainly seems to enjoy her hard liquor. She revealed to Jay Leno her new favorite drink (thanks to her co-star at the time, Kate Hudson), a (non-branded) skinny girl margarita. In it: silver tequila, lime juice, Cointreau or Triple Sec, and club soda.