10 Common Kitchen Mistakes And How To Fix Them

Just like you shouldn't believe a late-night infomercial if it promises you Halle Berry's abs in six weeks or wrinkle-free skin for four easy payments of $150, you shouldn't believe a cook who says she never makes mistakes in the kitchen. Even the most experienced cooks have burned roasts, underbaked chicken, and overcooked their vegetables. I once forgot to lower the oven temperature for a batch of scones for my friend's wedding shower. Twenty minutes later, the fossilized scones lay at the bottom of my trash can and I was forced to start from scratch.

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Although forgetting to adjust my oven temperature and accidentally knocking water onto a baked cake (something I've also done) weren't smart mistakes, they were one-time mistakes I don't plan on repeating. There are, however, common cooking mistakes that a lot of home cooks make that should be avoided as strenuously as suspicious-looking meat in discount bins. Learning how to avoid these 10 mishaps will make you a better cook (and probably save you some time in the long run).

While error-free cooking is something that only happens on TV, forgetting to organize your ingredients before you begin and not weighing your dry ingredients for baking are just a couple of the common cooking mistakes that can lead to trouble in the kitchen. Avoiding those missteps and these eight other common cooking slip-ups will not only make you a better cook but also make the experience of cooking easier and more fun.

Click here to see the 10 Common Kitchen Mistakes and How to Fix Them Slideshow.