University Bans Young Lovers From Feeding Each Other

Chinese university bans couples from public displays of affection at lunch
School lunch room

WIkimedia/Douglas P. Perkins

Students at the Jilin University of Architecture have been banned from feeding each other in the cafeteria. 

In an apparent effort to reduce incidents of gagging among students in its cafeteria, the Jilin University of Architecture in Jilin, China, has banned romantic couples from getting too cuddly and spoon-feeding each other at lunch.

According to Shanghaiist, the university announced the crackdown on love on Wednesday, which is just before “Singles’ Day.” The announcement was posted on the university’s website and specifically bans students from public displays of affection in the dining hall. The school reportedly banned kissing, cuddling, and even hand-holding at the tables, but the regulation that had most students giggling was the one against couples spoon-feeding each other.

According to Shanghaiist, nobody could report ever having seen anyone actually doing that in the cafeteria. Cuddling, kissing, and hand-holding happen on occasion, but even an employee in the cafeteria could not recall an instance of seeing young adults actually feeding each other across the table.

Apparently the ban on lovers feeding each other was a “preventative measure,” just in case some young lovers got it into their heads to engage in particularly egregious displays of affection, even though feeding each other at the table did not appear to have occurred to anyone. For the sake of the other students and cafeteria employees, the school had best hope it did not just give its young couples some ideas.

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