Australian Restaurant Catches Heat After Banning Children Under 7

Flynn’s Restaurant banned children, and the reaction has been mixed

Flynn's Restaurant in Queensland, Australia, announced this weekend that it was banning children under seven. 

The issue of whether or not small children belong at nice restaurants can be a contentious one, and this weekend an Australian restaurateur officially banned children under the age of 7 from his restaurant after having to deal with one crying baby too many.

According to The Daily Mail, Liam Flynn, the owner of Flynn’s Restaurant in Queensland, Australia, implemented the new policy on Sunday after receiving a one-star TripAdvisor review from a woman he’d asked to take a screaming child out of the dining room. In the review, the woman admitted that her daughter was crying, but maintained that her daughter was not “misbehaving or wreaking havoc.”

“I was brisk when I came out and spoke to her as I was already busy in the kitchen preparing all the food,” Flynn said. “But after I spoke to her, the child continued to scream and it just got louder. The mother should have considered other guests and taken the child out of the situation.”


Flynn’s blanket ban on kids under 7 has had a mixed reaction on Facebook, with some parents insisting that not all children are poorly behaved in restaurants. Other parents, however, said that when they paid for a sitter for their own kids so they could go out, the last thing they wanted was to have to deal with someone else’s.