This Restaurant Bans Wi-Fi to Encourage Restaurant-Goers to Put Their Phones Down

Maybe some other restaurants can start to follow the same principle

This sign has been posted at Antonio's Trattoria Calabria since 2012.

If you ever visit this restaurant, you better think twice about using your phone while dining.

Antonio’s Trattoria Calabria in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia posted this sign in their restaurant, specifying that they do not have WiFi and, “While you’re at Antonio’s, enjoy the simple pleasure of a good conversation.”

It’s no surprise that people in this day and age are glued to their mobile devices to use social media, check e-mail, and keep in touch with people. But, this restaurant wants customers to, “Talk. Laugh. Eat. Enjoy,” to enjoy their meal and company in present time.

Nameeta Rajwani, owner of Antonio’s Trattoria Calabria, told The Huffington Post, “Something was very wrong — the sight of a family or group of friends sitting down to a meal, with each person glued to his or her smartphone. Is that something we really wanted to encourage?”


This is an issue that many restaurants face around the world. Last July, a restaurant in New York City blamed customers for slow service because they were too attached to their phones.