How Superfoods Improve Your Diet


Flax and chia seeds have some super-potent effects on your diet.

Are you beginning to think that many in the food industry capitalize on confusion just so we’ll buy the latest organic non-GMO gluten-free product that's being promoted at the moment? It seems like super foods are everywhere you turn…ingredients we mysteriously knew nothing about just a few years ago but suddenly can’t live without.

I was ready to lump Carrington Farm’s whole seed flax-chia blend along with their cold-pressed organic extra-virgin coconut oil into this category. Do they really contain essential nutrients that are somehow lacking in an ordinary balanced diet?

Perhaps not. You really can stay healthy consuming the right servings of nutritional foods available on any mainstream supermarket shelf. But if you have dietary restrictions or simply value biodiversity and want to promote viable alternatives to monolithic commodities like wheat and hydrogenated corn oil currently dominating our food chain, online super food distributors like Carrington Farms make it possible:

Flax Chia Blend

This chia and flax combination yields a highly potent dose of Omega-3 essential fatty acids, protein, and fiber without the gluten, cholesterol, sodium, or sugars. Unless we faithfully include 2 servings of fish per week into our diets, we aren’t getting enough Omega-3s. They are shown to significantly reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke while relieving symptoms of hypertension, and joint pain.


Belonging to the sage family (Salvia Hispanica), tiny chia seeds were a staple of Incan and Mayan cultures. Aztec warrior messengers reportedly ran all day on just a handful of what they considered a supernatural food source.

Today's science proves them right. These mythical powers were very real. Chia is a nutritious source of antioxidants with 5X more calcium than milk, 2X more potassium than bananas, and 3X more iron than spinach.


Flax seed is a tasty alternative to wheat and crucial to your diet if you have Celiac Disease. Flax provides a large dose of much needed fiber, vitamins, and minerals that are usually lacking in a gluten free diet. Flax seed also reduces bad cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein LDL).

Carrington Farms hand-picks only the finest organic seeds, tests them 4 times for quality and freshness before micro-cleansing, drying, and shipping to you in resealable bags.

Liquid Coconut Cooking Oil

There’s no escaping the fact that coconut oil is high is saturated fat. Carrington's label indicates 1 tablespoon = 67 % of your recommended daily intake. But remember that not all saturated fats are created equally. Carrington Farm’s Liquid Coconut cooking oil has 0% hydrogenated and trans fats while loaded with medium chain triglycerides boosting your body's calorie burning capabilities. If used in moderation, this coconut oil is a healthy alternative to more traditional vegetable, olive, canola, and corn oils. It's also perfect for cooking since it's free of odor, flavor, has a high heat point, and remains liquid at room temperature.


Originally published November 10, 2013