How to Fry a Turkey for Thanksgiving

Step by step: how to fry a turkey for Thanksgiving


This year, change things up at the Thanksgiving table by frying your turkey instead of roasting it in the traditional style. Frying a turkey gives it incredibly crispy skin and moist meat, and frees up the time that it would have normally taken to roast the bird. And frying the Thanksgiving turkey isn't just common in the South anymore — it’s becoming an increasingly popular method of cooking in other regions of the country, too.

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However, its explosive potential can make frying your turkey a dangerous task. So, take the necessary precautions if you decide to go the deep-fried route. To be safe, make sure you use a completely thawed turkey, remove any excess fat, and stuff your turkey after frying.


We hope we didn’t scare you away from frying — it’s actually really simple, delivers a crispy and juicy bird (the high heat of the oil seals in all the moisture that many birds lack after four or five hours in the oven, yielding an extremely juicy breast), and we think that everyone should try it at least once. So, follow these steps carefully to produce that main dish that everyone will gobble up this Thanksgiving.