How to Avoid Awkward Dinner Party Moments

Don’t let your dinner party be ruined by uncomfortable silences
Dinner Party

Wine is great, but don't drink more than you can handle at dinner parties.

Dinner parties can be a great time. That is, if you have the right menu and the right guest list. A relaxing night with friends while eating some good food sounds simple enough. But as with every party, there is always something that could go wrong.

There could be a lot of awkward moments for both guests and hosts at dinner parties if you aren’t careful. From uncomfortable silences to stained clothes, a ton of things could go wrong. Luckily, these tips will ensure that your dinner party is free of any awkwardness.

Stay Away from Sensitive Subjects

For hosts, if there is a guest that you know doesn’t approve of a certain topic of conversation, steer the chitchat away from it. Be as subtle as possible, but avoiding sensitive subjects will make for smooth conversation. The last thing you need is one guest offending another and making the whole night weird.

Keep the Conversation Going

Sometimes it can be uncomfortable meeting new people, and you might find it hard to come up with topics for conversation. There are a few ways to avoid that awkward silence. A compliment is always a great way to start off a conversation. Make sure that you really listen to what each other is saying and avoid using one-syllable responses. The best tip we can give though is to think of things to talk about ahead of time. You could ask for a little generic information about the other guests, or bring up recent events in the news. 

Avoid Stains

For hosts, try to serve foods that won’t stain easily. Pastas with white sauces or grilled vegetables are great alternatives. Also, if you are serving pasta, stick to short noodles to avoid the splatter factor. And for guests, don’t wear clothes that you know will show stains should they happen. Dark prints are great for hiding stains.

Do Not Get Drunk

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You need to know your limits when it comes to alcohol. One or two glasses of wine is acceptable, but if you know more than that is going to get you wasted, then skip it. Being drunk could get embarrassing whether you’re the host or a guest. Also, you may say or do something you will regret and create an even more awkward moment.