What You Drink at Your Local Bar Vs. What You Drink When You’re Home for the Holidays



“Everybody! Shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots!” 

It’s been said that “Thanksgiving Eve,” also known as the Wednesday before Thanksgiving is the busiest drinking day of the year. And, if you start to think about it, the idea makes sense. Most people are home for the holidays and anxious to see old friends. However, nobody wants to entertain at their own home the day before hosting a major dinner party, so to the hometown bar you go!

When you’re home for the holidays, it’s easy to revert back to old habits, get comfortable in your own skin, and strip away the stresses and pretentions of your everyday life. And, in the midst of gathering with loved ones at a bar on Thanksgiving Eve, how does that affect your drink order? We examined what you order at the local bar in your new city versus what you drink at your hometown bar, and the analysis may surprise you (but probably not).

Local Bar: Local Micro Brew

Paying $10 for a 12-ounce IPA? That’s no problem at your regular, fancy, big city bar. You’ve had a long work week and deserve to treat yo’self. Plus, your coworkers are endlessly in awe of your knowledge of hop varietals.

Hometown Bar: Whatever Beer Costs $2

PBR? Bud Light buckets? Schlitz? All are fair game. You’re around your high school friends, which not only takes you back to the days of underage drinking (shh…), but you have no need to impress anyone with your beer picks. Next round is on you!

Local Bar: Whiskey on the Rocks

You’re a classy professional, and you know how to drink whiskey like a boss, so you do. You spend the extra money on a top-shelf single-malt scotch, so you’re going to sip that sucker and savor it.

Hometown Bar: Shots!

Like LMFAO gracefully sang in their 2009 hit “Shots”: “Everybody! Shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots!” There is no easier way to gather a bar full of old friends and acquaintances together than by downing some cheap liquor together. Gin, rum, vodka? Who cares? It’s from the bottom shelf, anyway.

Local Bar: Signature Cocktails

Absinthe and rum mixed with syrups you can only kind of pronounce? Yes, please.  An old-fashioned infused with maple syrup? Why not. You’re willing to try whatever sounds the most experimental, the most elaborate, or just the most interesting at your local speakeasy, because you are just that smooth.

Hometown Bar: Rum and Coke

There’s nothing wrong with the classic rum and coke, and in a more humble surrounding, you take comfort in the simplicity of this spicy, easy cocktail. But, hey, the lime garnish and tiny red stirrer make it sort of fancy despite the plastic cup, right?

Local Bar: Sangria

At the end of a long work week, there are few beverages more refreshing than sangria, especially if you’ve moved to a warmer climate. Beautifully sliced pieces of fresh fruit help to balance out the boldness of a glass of red wine, creating a drink that is perfect for any day of patio drinking.

Hometown Bar: Mulled Wine

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If you’re really craving a warm, welcoming beverage and happen to be at one of your hometown’s more classy joints, you go for the mulled wine. Not only is it seasonal and simple, but the relatively high ABV of one glass compared to a glass of beer will help get you in the holiday spirit real quick.