10 Can’t-Miss Sangria Recipes

10 Can’t-Miss Sangria Recipes
Jane Bruce

These sangria recipes are fun, delicious, and easy to make for year round sangria.

Sangria is a staple at tapas bars and restaurants across the country, and it’s slowly creeping into high-profile menus at chic cocktail bars these days as well. According to Food & Wine magazine, "Although Spaniards and Portuguese have been drinking sangria for centuries, the brandy-spiked drink didn’t make an official appearance in the United States until 1964, at the World’s Fair in New York City." The Spanish and Portuguese caught on to something phenomenal when they decided not to waste some of the wines they didn’t deem "acceptable" to consume on their own, and we have some delicious sangria recipes to share with you.

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Sangria is traditionally "spiked" with brandy, but as we've seen mixologists and bartenders get more creative over the years we have seen sangria be made with rum, liqueurs, and a number of other cordials. There isn't one strict recipe you must follow in order to create "sangria," and contrary to popular belief the drink doesn't always have to sit overnight in order to soak the sugars out of fruits. Some of the recipes that we came across are a simple fix that only requires you to prepare the batch and let it sit for an hour, others were immeditate cocktails! 

Sangria is shockingly simple to make, and it’s easily batched out so that a crowd can enjoy it. If you’re someone who doesn’t want to waste hours behind the bar making drinks for your dinner guests, sangria can be put in large pitchers for guests to pour themselves. While the alcohol content in sangria tends to be pretty high, because it’s commonly mixed with juices and sodas you barely notice the alcohol in the drink. It’s also a great introduction for those who are trying to get into the world of wine but are somewhat hesitant to step away from their beloved mixed drinks. 


And for those with endless bottles of wine around the house, sangria is a great way to save wine that is close to going bad. Wine that is close to turning mixes exceptionally with flavored liqueurs and cordials that help to mask the taste of the somewhat seasoned wine. Sangria is incredibly versatile and can be created using red, white, rosé, and champagne. The New York Times even reported that "[sangria] apparently doesn’t even have to conform to Spanish traditions. Many people think of it instead as a template, an invitation to experiment with fresh, fruity wines and other fine ingredients." Sangria is a great drink to get creative with and add your own flare. But if you'd rather stick to a recipe, we rounded up 10 of our favorites.