What 10 Famous Chefs Are Making Their Moms for Mother's Day

Take menu inspiration from these great culinary minds

"I unfortunately haven't spent a Mother's Day with my mom in many years due to my hectic schedule, but if I was it would be something low and slow," said Chef Chris Santos.

If there’s one thing that’s special about Mother’s Day, it’s that each and every child out there can take some time out of their busy schedule and finally tell their mom “thanks.” And, as we here at The Daily Meal know quite well, few things express love and care for another person better than a home cooked meal.

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In anticipation of Mother’s Day, we reached out to famous chefs across the United States to ask them what they’ll be making the special women in their lives on Sunday, and the dishes they’re preparing are as diverse as the mothers themselves.

From updated versions of classic family favorites to comfort food to indulgent chocolate and pudding desserts to everything in between, these dishes prove you don’t necessarily need to be a great, famous chef to cook for your mom on Mother’s Day — though it certainly doesn’t hurt.

But the most important thing many chefs emphasized in their responses is that Mother’s Day is all about spending time with the moms in your life.