The Ultimate Guide To Creating World-Class Easter Eggs

One of the best things about Easter every year is dyeing hard-boiled eggs. This everyday breakfast food gets a celebratory, whimsical makeover every holiday, and the embellished eggs can even double as edible décor.

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But after years of using a pre-made Easter egg dyeing kit like Paas, your eggs can get a little tired and one-note. If you're looking to shake up your holiday crafting, know that it isn't hard to make beautiful, world-class Easter eggs. All you need to do is take a little trip to your local craft supply store.

Techniques that look incredibly difficult and detailed, such as marbled eggs, glitter eggs, painted eggs, and eggs that look like little animals, are actually very easy to pull off for the average person. The right supplies are all you need.

Still not sure if you can pull off decorated Easter eggs that rival some of the most beautiful ever? We've got your back.

Just note, not every type of decorated egg is edible. Some of these decorating techniques use inedible supplies. So be sure to boil two sets of hard-boiled eggssome for eating and some for decorating.