9 Gorgeous Easter Eggs Slideshow


Easter activity? More like science project!

Egg Shell Art

Insanely detailed, these eggs take a meticulous amount of care and determination.

Henna Eggs

Add a bit of Indian flair and tattoo (temporarily!) your eggs. 

Baker’s Dozen

These didn't come from the oven, but they might as well have since they’re wrapped with so much baker’s string. Choose a color and get to wrapping! 

Sharpie Easter Eggs

Master the art of a sharpie, whether it’s classic black or a color, and get creative with the marker, scribbling and drawing whatever your heart desires — but beware of smudging! 


Did you think a glittered egg wasn't going to make the cut — honestly?

Paper Flowered

These well-dressed and detail-oriented pastel eggs are beautiful and dainty. If you have a lot of time on your hands, your eggs can be, too!


Golden Goose

Get your hands on some gold leaf and create golden eggs like these shiny, fabulous, and intricate ones.