DIY Candy Corn


Make Your Own Candy Corn: It Tastes Better and Is Healthier

You don’t have to be Willy Wonka to make these cute little candies at home

Halloween is fast approaching, which means our candy intake is about to go through the roof. And, of course, no candy is more popular or appropriate to this season than the classic candy corn. These super-sweet, striped, brightly colored little pieces of sugar bring back fantastically nostalgic memories of our childhood, and all the kids’ excitement about Halloween often begins when they first spy these special seasonal candies in the stores.

But rather than buying bag after bag of these bright little treats from the store this year, feasting on all the unpronounceable, alien-sounding ingredients in the candy, why not try making your own? We promise you don’t need a factory, fancy equipment, or loads of ingredients you’re never going to use again. You don’t even need too much time or any particular candy-making skills to make authentic-tasting, beautiful-looking candy corn, all in your own kitchen.

For the Homemade Candy Corn recipe, click here.

Follow this candy corn recipe to make your own chewy, sugary treats. You’ll need a bit of patience and a good podcast to keep you company, or some eager kids to help you out: Making more than 200 pieces of candy corn will initially seem overwhelming, but once you’re in the rhythm of rolling, pinching, and cutting, it actually becomes wonderfully therapeutic, and if you have any little ones helping you out, they’ll absolutely love being able to make something they never considered a homemade food before. Be sure to make a batch of these candies in the weeks running up to Halloween for the best seasonal treats, which taste better and are slightly healthier than the ones that come out those giant plastic bags.

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