20 Best Candy Corn Desserts for Your Halloween Party

White Chocolate Candy Corn Cookies


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This Halloween we’re serving up something full of Halloween fun. We’re adding candy corn into all of our favorite desserts. These candy corn recipes give you a reason to throw a frightening Halloween party this year. While Candy corn isn’t a typical baking ingredient, these dishes add something totally new into your Halloween menu, while still keeping the candy element that all Halloween desserts must have. Candy corn’s smooth, chewy texture is always surprising in any Halloween dessert. Instead of throwing your candy corn treats into a glass bowl, use this sweet crunchy candy to give your Halloween desserts a fun twist that no one will see coming.  

This iconic candy was invented in the 1880s by George Renninger, a candy maker at the Wunderle Candy Company in Philadelphia, according to Better Homes and Gardens. The company is still producing candy corn today with the original recipe that combines marshmallow, vanilla and, of course, sugar. These little orange, yellow, and white treats have become an iconic symbol of Halloween over the years, and it wouldn’t be a Halloween party without them!

Pair these candy corn-based desserts with a candy corn cocktail at your next Halloween bash. You can even throw an entirely candy corn-themed party by including yellow and orange decorations all over your house. Dress up your furry pal in a candy corn costume to keep the Halloween spirit going. No matter how you incorporate candy corn into your Halloween festivities this year, Halloween is sure to be better with this sweet, little treat.

Candied Cupcakes

Candied Cupcakes


The candy corn on top of the frosting gives this cupcake an extra texture of chewy candy. Serve this sweet treat at any fall dinner party or Halloween party. The classic cupcake is topped off with candy corn to create a beautiful Halloween cupcake.

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Candy Corn Bark

Candy Corn Bars


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This cute candy corn snack is an easy, four-ingredient dessert that looks beautiful at any party. This crunchy bark is a great snack for a Halloween party to munch on.


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