How to Throw a Great Friendsgiving Dinner

Here’s your foolproof guide for hosting an unforgettable feast for friends


Your Friendsgiving can be even better than Thanksgiving with these party planning tips!

Thanksgiving is the time to celebrate all of the good things in life… and the Pilgrims breaking bread with the Indians, of course. Though the holiday has endless merits, it’s not what many people would call a “party.” That distinction is more accurately applied to Friendsgiving. This friend-centric take on Thanksgiving — nobody is sure exactly who invented it, but it seems to date from the early years of this century — offers all the benefits of the Turkey Day dinner without the tense conversations and with even more alcohol. It also works with any schedule and can be celebrated throughout the month of November.

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If you’ve never hosted your own Thanksgiving, trying to plan a Friendsgiving can seem like a tall order. But worry not because we have a foolproof guide on how to make sure your Friendsgiving celebration is a success.

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From making sure your guest list is appropriate to the size of your home  to making sure you have enough turkey, these eight basic planning tips will help you get started. Don’t forget to make an unforgettable playlist and provide plenty of alcohol to really make your Friendsgiving great.