How to Share Your Thanksgiving Plate with Social Media

Tackling plate envy one pic at a time
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Stay connected with your family and friends this year by sharing pictures of your delicious Thanksgiving dishes.

Thanksgiving is all about spending time with friends and family, enjoying good food, and relaxing. Everyone brings their favorite dish, and they are proud of their creations! Making a photo-worthy pumpkin pie or tackling mashed potatoes for the first time is an accomplishment worth celebrating and sharing with more people than just the family and friends in the room.

After working hard to host Thanksgiving, don’t you want to show off the creation you’ve baked or what you’re indulging in this holiday? It’s simple enough to take a photo of your plate, share on your social media sites, and hope that your friends are going to see it and comment on it at some point.

But is that enough? Why not all get in the picture together?

This Thanksgiving, when your friends or family are spread across several states, what better way to share your sweet potato casserole success at your in-laws while your sister is proudly showing off her first roasted turkey at her house than through a joint selfie collage that foodies will salivate over?

Picpal, a selfie collage app, allows you to share filtered pictures of your food (and your friends and family). While they respond with photos from their holidays, a live collage forms before your eyes and creates a sense of closeness with loved ones who are far away this holiday season.


Use this selfie-sharing app to show off your Thanksgiving dishes.

So this Thanksgiving, if you’re wondering what your loved ones are eating, you aren’t alone! As food lovers, we love to see what our friends and family are eating, too. There is plenty of plate envy to go around, right?

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This article is courtesy of Mahesh Rajagopalan, CEO and cofounder of Picpal.